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transmission lines lower electricity cost for customers and allow more clean energy projects to connect to the grid

Investing in Transmission Saves Costs for Consumers

Fact sheet explains how investment in electric transmission lines results in lower costs for electricity customers.
34 states have climate equity policies in place as of 2023

State Climate Equity Survey Map

Explore this map to find out what policies are in place where, if there are models of legislation that might work in your state, and the statutes that you might leverage in your own fight for energy equity in your…

State Climate Equity Survey Report

Report documents how state rules support a just and equitable energy transition. Of the 50 states surveyed, 34 have some climate equity measure already in place.
Trensmission lines. Credit: American public power association

Building Transmission to Secure a Clean & Equitable Electricity Grid

Report offers a solution set for building transmission to advance an equitable clean energy future.

Climate Resilience Maturity Model

The Climate Resilience Maturity Model is a tool for regulators to hold utilities and companies accountable for meeting their obligation to provide safe, reliable, and affordable service, by managing risks associated with climate change by designing and building systems that…

Energy (in)Equity Training

Energy (in)Equity is a professional training that examines how the energy industry perpetuates systemic and racial injustice and what each participant can do to address injustices through individual and collective policy work.
Chicago includes both high and low vulnerability areas for energy

Climate Vulnerability Index

The Climate Vulnerability Index combines 184 sets of publicly available data to rank more than 70,000 U.S. census tracts and show where threats exist to the stability of communities – and why.

The Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership

A community organizing tool from the Movement Strategy Center that can be used for assessing programs, projects, or campaigns.
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