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Join the movement for energy justice.

Equipping frontline communities with tools to participate in climate and energy decision making.

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Our Vision

When community members’ voices and their direct experiences are heard in state energy proceedings, and backed up with data, utility regulators can make rulings that lead to a more equitable, healthy, climate-friendly and affordable energy future.

The Community Voices in Energy Toolkit is intended as a starting point to help you understand how to bring community voices into public utility processes to reach more equitable outcomes. Many of the examples on this site show steps we took to make a difference in Illinois, and we hope this toolkit will empower others to create a more equitable energy future in communities and states around the country.

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Who We Are

We elevate voices of community members whose lives will be most affected by energy regulators’ decisions to have a voice in their energy future, and we work to persuade utility regulators to make decisions that support community needs.

About Us

Energy Justice at the Forefront

Equity must be built into the energy regulatory proceedings and processes that guide massive investment decisions with long term consequences for people and the planet.

About the Issues
Energy justice at the foreground


The sample testimonies have been submitted to public utility commissions in actual rate cases. These testimonies illustrate the kind of information that is typically included in a testimony, as well as the tone and style that is effective with regulators.


Microphone in a court room
Community Expert Testimony

Wasiu Adesope

Community expert Cheryl Watson testified that utility policies contribute to and exacerbate cumulative burdens to disadvantaged communities and must be changed. Utilities need to be more holistic and community centered, planning with the community, not for them.
Microphone in a court room
Technical Expert Testimony

Andrew Barbeau

Technical expert Andrew Barbeau testified that ComEd’s proposal to use system-wide metrics to measure reliability disadvantages the residents of more vulnerable frontline communities. Instead, the needs of these communities must be front and center in the utility’s plans.
Microphone in a court room
Community Expert Testimony

Gregory Norris

Community expert Gregory Norris, founder of an environmental justice organization, testified that lack of affordable energy has an outsized impact on Black and brown neighborhoods. Solutions will only be implemented justly if there is intention and accountability. ComEd can use tenets of energy justice to guide grid planning.
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Join the Movement for Energy Justice.

Are you interested in testifying in a utility rate case or becoming certified as an energy justice intervenor?

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