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A journal article from We Act for Environmental Justice

For the last several decades, a global environmental justice movement has challenged the disproportionate burden that environmental degradation and pollution have had on the health and well-being of communities of color and low-income communities. The struggle for environmental justice by people of color, who bear the brunt of pollution in the United States and around the world, has escalated with a growing awareness that this disproportionate burden contributes to egregious disparities in health by race/ethnicity and social class. CBPR seeks to build capacity and resources in communities and ensure that government agencies and academic institutions are better able to understand and incorporate community concerns into their research agendas.

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Massachusetts outlines new strategy for getting customers and utilities off gas

After more than three years of considering the future of the natural gas industry in Massachusetts and what role it can play in the state's efforts to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, the state's Department of Public Utilities issued an order meant to signal to gas utilities that it won't be business as usual going forward.
Illinois Commerce Commission chair announces decision favoring clean energy
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Advocates hail regulatory ‘earthquake’ as state slashes requested gas rate increases

Illinois regulators unanimously approved rate hikes for four major natural gas utilities, but slashed the utilities' requested rate increases by as much as 50%. The regulators also launched a series of "future of gas" hearings that will for the first time hold the utilities accountable for aligning their planning with the state's 100% clean energy goals. "As the state embarks on a journey toward a 100% clean energy economy, the gas system's operations will not continue to exist in its current form," the Commission's Chairman said in a statement.
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Peoples Gas seeks record-high gas bill increase for customers

Environmental and community activists turned out in Chicago to protest against Peoples Gas' request for a $402 million rate hike for next year. "We don’t think consumers should be having to spend more money to rebuild fossil fuel pipelines," said activist Caroline Wooten. Dozens of activists showed up to Thursday's Illinois Commerce Commission meeting to make their final plea before the commission votes on November 16.

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